Hen's Party

For Stage pole rental only, see here.

Organising a fun girls' night? 

We can boost your street cred for a memorable hen's night or bachelorette party!

What we offer:

  • Stage pole or tension pole (depending on venue suitability)
  • 1 instructor
  • Short demo by instructor
  • Freestyle sessions for guests

Like what you see? Contact us with:

  • Date, Time, Duration
  • Backup Date, Time, Duration (in case first option not available)
  • Expected pax no.
  • Song requests (if any)
  • Location photos 


  • Are you available for stag night/bachelor parties?
  • What do we need to wear?
    Be in comfortable sports attire that exposes the armpit and knees. Please do not use lotion/moisturiser before the event.
  • Can we request for props?
    Write in with what you have in mind and we’ll discuss!
  • Do you provide photography services?
    Write in with a budget you have in mind and we’ll discuss!
  • Do you provide catering and/or alcohol?
    No. We do not arrange for catering. We also do not recommend drinking before strenuous activity like pole dancing 

Safety Note

  • Please only participate in activities that you are able to do safely
  • We are not liable for any injury arising from the activity
  • Guests are expected to conduct themselves with grace and respect Phoenix staff
  • Our staff reserve full right to leave anytime, as long as they feel unsafe, without giving prior notice