Aria Pole Photography

Nailed a new trick and need to immortalise it? We are partnering with Aria Pole Photography! 

About Aria Pole Photography

Aria Pole Photography was started by a pole dancer and her supportive photographer husband. They aim to provide a safe and friendly environment for polers to have their pole wins immortalised in beautiful captures.

Shoots are available as private or group settings.

Aria Pole Photography offers 2 backdrop options in black and white, for an emphasis on the beauty of lines and facial expressions.

Samples of their work:

Black Mirror Series

Enchante Series

Dreame Series

Radiente Series

Nocturne Series

Pole with Pets


Aria Pole Photography has a fully furnished home studio available, but can also be booked for external locations such as Wonderwall Studios.

Home Studio Set Up

Aria Pole Photography's home studio set up comes fully equipped with studio lights, backdrops and a stainless steel 40mm Xpole. The couple also own 3 adorable friendly cats.

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