Classic Knee Pads -  Bunnies Kiss
Classic Knee Pads -  Bunnies Kiss
Classic Knee Pads -  Bunnies Kiss


Classic Knee Pads - Bunnies Kiss

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A kiss is real when it is desirable and means something to you. It must be with someone who you can’t get out of your head. The same is with dance. You should relive and feel every movement with your body. Then the dance will be sensual and deep. Such that you don’t want to stop. When you understand this, the natural grace of movements will appear by itself. Focus on the feelings, and Bunnies Kiss knee pads will take care of your comfort.


  • QUEEN 3SideProtect technology – thorough protection of your knees from all sides;
  • function “changing pads” gives you a possibility to; create ideal knee pads for your dancing style; prolong term of kneepads usage by changing pillow;
  • Don’t slip, and don’t move around (if the size is right);
  • Adaptive knee-caps take a shape of any knee;
  • Smooth – give possibility to slide easily on the dance floor;
  • Vent hole from the inner side of the knee pad;
  • Cutting takes into account the anatomical features of your knee;
  • Reinforced threads and accessories are firmly sewed to the cloth.