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Phoenix Collective SG

[PO Deposit] Couture Twins

[PO Deposit] Couture Twins

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Couture Twins Pre Order Deposit

**Please kindly note that deposits are strictly NOT refundable**

Please indicate under notes:

Top Name, Colour, Size
Bottoms Name, Colour, Size
Bodysuits/Accessories Name, Colour, Size


*If no orders applicable, please enter "NA"


How does this work?

1. Shop catalog on

2. Cart out this listing for your order. You can enter as many items as you wish in each field.

3. Indicate your desired Model, Colour, Size for your order.

4. Make payment for deposit to confirm your order.

5. When items arrive in SG, an email will be sent to you to make the rest of the payment. (If your order costs $100, you will just need to pay $100-$20=$80)

For questions, please kind refer to our FAQ.


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