Pink Dot Highlights - 18 June 2022

Pink Dot Highlights - 18 June 2022

Thank you for spending a lovely saturday with us at Pink Dot 14!

A note from our partner, SG Rainbow:

SG Rainbow is a non-profit community social group that aims to provide a platform for GBQ+ community to navigate themselves within the larger community through personal and social development programmes. For this year's Pink Dot, we wanted to create a platform where participants can explore and express themselves, and what better way to get Pink Dot participants to bring in their glam and take some photos home with a stage pole! The LGBTQIA+ community and the pole community share a common experience of stigma and discrimination, and we wanted to bring in pole as a sport into the Pink Dot arena recognising the shared difficult history that both communities faced. We particularly wanted to collaborate with Phoenix Collective, a community-based company who strives to unite people in the pole and aerial sport community. The Collective shares our inclusive visions and have consistently done so through their various events, products and services that are all-encompassing regardless of gender, sexuality or size. We couldn't be more excited to have Phoenix Collective join us, to create this opportunity for the LGBTQIA+ community to truly express themselves at Pink Dot 2022.

Phoenix Collective gives special thanks to the crew at Pink Dot, SG Rainbow, and special individuals SY, Vale, Chuan Chee and pole friends who came down to support us!


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