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The ORIGINAL JellyPads

The ORIGINAL JellyPads

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Introducing the ORIGINAL Jelly Pads, first launched in 2022, the ultimate gel kneepads to complement your choreography and tricks! With a medium gel pad thickness, these kneepads offer exceptional protection while maintaining a slim look. Perfect for medium intensity floorwork.

Crafted from sweat-wicking, anti-slip lining on stretchy material, our Jelly Pads provide utmost comfort and stability, ensuring they stay in place during your movements.

Comes in three vibrant and delicious colors: Milk Tea Jelly, Coffee Jelly, and Grass Jelly. Each color brings its unique style to match your personal taste.

For ease of washing, all Jellypads come with a mesh laundry bag. Simply chuck your Jellypads into the laundry bag into the wash! It is that simple! Please note, DO NOT flip the Jellypads inside out!

For the perfect fit, Alicia usually fits UK6 and wears XS with measurements of 35 cm above the knee and 28 cm below the knee, while Denise usually fits UK10 and wears M with measurements of 48 cm above the knee and 38 cm below the knee.

Experience unmatched comfort, protection, and style with the ORIGINAL Jelly Pads. Elevate your choreography and order your pair today!

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