Collection: Liberté Activewear

How often do you feel hindered and confined by your yoga wears in your asanas? How frustrating is it when you feel your sexy polewear fails to give you the comfort and sense of security you deserve during your spins, inverts and splits.

While activewear brands around the world are offering fancy cuts and unconventional materials, our founder, being a pole dancing and yoga enthusiast herself for years, realises that sometimes quality and functionality are ignored. It saddens her to see unsuitable or poor materials being used or when designs ignore the support and comfort that pole dancers and yogis require to excel in their practice or performance. Hence, we choose fabrics which offers superior flexibility and breathability while remaining flattering.

Liberte Activewear was founded with an aspiration to bring customers back to the basics: the simplicity of our love for pole and yoga. We strive to focus on development of premium fabric, high standard of craftsmanship, functionality and originality of our designs. We aim at bringing you affordable activewears which supports you all the way through your yoga or pole journey so that you can all enjoy every practice and performance to the fullest, without breaking the bank.