SG Rainbow Collab - Pink Dot 18 June 2022

SG Rainbow Collab - Pink Dot 18 June 2022

We are honoured to be invited by SG Rainbow to be their event partner for Pink Dot 2022!

Phoenix Collective supports the freedom to love!

Our crew, Alicia (@saraphire) will be there, dressed to the nines and busting out some moves. Catch her in action and take a photo with her and our stage pole!

Photo by @sussphotography

Catch our SG Rainbow friends on the pole too!

SY (@iwastoldtocreateapoleresume): Pole was actually something I ventured into with the intentional hopes of wanting to challenge myself with something I never expected myself to do - and it certainly met my expectations as it taught me more about myself (from my strengths to my limitations physically and even in terms of my character building). I found a family out of the people I learn pole with - shoutout to my Starfire Advanced 2 class under Leron’s patient instructorship -, and I found a sport I could feel like I am growing from. My pole journey has expanded beyond the Singapore pole circle: I’ve been trying out pole in other countries like Canada, Australia and Malaysia, and I’m also taking the step to try out other aerial sports locally and overseas as well, with many of my friends joining along. With the kind of kick I’m getting out of pole, I certainly don’t foresee myself stopping any time soon :)

Vale (@valeonthepole)Pole dance has caught my interest and attention since I first saw it. The elegance, the poise, and the feeling like you're flying. Now as a pole dancer I also know that pain is a large part of pole dancing, but it makes it all worth it. I'm not very physically inclined in the conventional sense, so pole provides me an outlet to maintain physical fitness. It's also extremely liberating, allowing me to break certain archaic gender stereotypes. Who says only girls get to be pole dancers?

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