Take it Slow & Steady - Hairif Salon

Take it Slow & Steady - Hairif Salon


Tell us more about yourself

 Hi, I am Kristy. I am 30 this year and married with 1 Son. Together with my husband, we are hairstylists managing Hairif Salon.

In the pole scene, I am known by my pole moniker Alice. You may find more of my pole exploits on instagram or on tiktok!

Tell us more about your business in an elevator pitch

In a nutshell, we are a beauty hair salon that does magic to hair. Just imagine all the beautiful colours of the rainbow, in any shades your princess heart desires!

Why did you choose to do this?

I grew up in a family of hairstylists. So I guess the hair industry is just in my blood! As a plus point, I also get to save a lot of money on hair because there's always a family member to glam up my hairdo for me!

What was the inspiration behind your business?

To make everyone look their best. Who doesn't like to look good? I am super happy and fulfilled when other people look and feel good.

How do you see your business impacting other women?

A good hairdo is the completion of a beautiful outfit. It is the final embellishing factor. I love to make women feel pretty and confident. Their satisfied smile as they walk out of the salon makes my day complete!

How do you think you can uplift the community?

Women love to have beautiful hair. Hair has a strong cultural significance in many cultures and beautiful hair can be so impactful that it can change moods for the better immediately.

Do you collaborate with other women? If so, how and why? If not, is that something you'll consider exploring in the near future?

As a pole dancer, I am a strong proponent of female empowerment and so far I have collaborated with the Beautiful.Inspiring.Girls movement featured last year in May on a few media outlets including Straits Times.

I was also recently featured on Mothership, a local online media platform as a plus sized pole dancer. You can watch my feature interview here.

Currently I am focusing a lot on empowering women in the pole scene, however I would definitely love to see how I can incorporate my hairstyling skills into the equation in future!

Any wise words for other women looking to venture into running a business?

I always believe that life is too short to be stressed over. I believe in this saying\

"Take it slow and steady, 走一步,看一步"

(Take it step by step and see how it goes)

加油! (You can do it too!)

You can find Hairif Salon on Instagram @hairifsalon

Address: Woodlands Drive 73 #01-01 Multi-Storey Carpark Blk 691, 730691

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