Choosing Pole Footwear Material

Choosing Pole Footwear Material

If you are new to pole dance or to pole dancer footwear, you may be spoilt for choice on whether to get boots or heels, and what material you should get for classes. 

To find out more about what the community prefers, we did a poll and we got feedback from the community about what footwear materials they love and why.

Heels Vs Boots

Heels vs Boots


Pole heels offer a sleek feminine silhouette with an elongation effect on the overall line of the legs. However many polers share that you will need strong ankle engagement in order to minimize accidental ankle twisting motions and sprains. 

Pole heels feel lighter on the feet according to certain users and therefore may be easier to engage in choreography if you have yet to build up sufficient strength in your lower body. Do note to select heel options in either patent PU or clear plastic straps if you plan to use your pole heels for tricks that require you to pole climb. Heels may also offer less protection around the toe box area for exotic floorwork tricks like kips, depending on your level of comfort and experience in exotic floorwork. 


Boots were polled as the more popular option due to its styling versatility and the added stability it offers for the ankles if laced and tightened appropriately. Boots also reportedly offer more protection for the toes and the toebox tip is great for sliding especially in floorwork tricks. The downside to boots? They feel warmer than compared to heels and may feel slightly cumbersome to wear in class and carry around when you're on the go. 

Patent PU Vs Matte Suede/Velvet

PU Patent vs Suede Matte

Patent PU

Patent PU boots emerged the poll winner as they were more versatile for use in aerial pole tricks and floorwork tricks. The material sticks well on metal poles allowing good ankle grip for pole climbs and is great for use if you're heading from a pole heels class to a floorwork class. 

Take note that scuffs may show up more visibly on patent PU as compared to a matte material and the material will eventually start peeling with age. 


Matte Suede/Velvet 

Suede/Velvet material slides better for floorwork but does not provide any grip on the pole. However, suede or velvet remain relatively popular choices due to varying tastes in the poler community.

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