Close your Mouth and Listen - Jasmine Han

Close your Mouth and Listen - Jasmine Han

Tell us more about yourself

Hi I'm Jasmine, a 43 years old mother of 2 kids, breast cancer survivor and local author of “I’m Not Perfect I’m a Mom”. I am also the owner of SLAP Dance Studio where I teach and manage everything. All in between running the house!

Tell us more about your business in an elevator pitch

I run SLAP Dance Studio which is a premium aerial and pole studio located in the CBD. We currently have more than a thousand active students and we run an average of 80 group classes a week, plus pole practice sessions, private classes and team building sessions. We are also available for hiring out gigs too. 

 Why did you choose to do this?

First I love to move, and fell in love with teaching and people. When I found the right partners and instructors to run it alongside, it was a serendipitous opportunity.  

What was the inspiration behind your business?

Watching an incredible group of people leading their best life. EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

How do you see your business impacting other women?

Being there to witness a team of women getting together and setting the best example for others to follow and watch - Now that’s amazing on its own. 

How do you think you can uplift the community?

Circling back to my previous point, when you see a team of women setting the best example that others can follow and watch, it creates a ripple effect that cascades to the entire community as a whole. 

Do you collaborate with other women? If so, how and why? If not, is that something you'll consider exploring in the near future?

We support their small businesses by exposing our existing customers to their products and services. We have also supported female empowering related groups like the Beautiful Inspiring Girls who were featured in the media last year with SLAP being the studio providing the space for this interview to happen. 

Any wise words for other women looking to venture into running a business?

Three things in a nutshell:

  1. Close your mouth and listen to ALL of your employees. 
  2. Close your mouth and listen to your customers. 
  3. Fit the right person to the right job

SLAP dance studio is located at:

144 Robinson Road

Reception at #10-01


You can also follow SLAP on instagram here.

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