Getting into an Albatross Shape

Getting into an Albatross Shape

The Phoenix Collective Team would love to wish all of you readers a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year!

 Since this is the year of the Tiger, here's a Tiger related Chinese saying for you:


"As the tiger grows wings, may the year improve in leaps and bounds"

As an ode to all the animals in the zodiac, we are sharing a pole shape called the Albatross which you can use in your own pole combos. The shape which is named after a seabird, is an elegant one reminiscent of a crane perching on the water. 

Pole Albatross Shape


Getting into this Shape

1) Get into a pole sit. A stable sit will help you with the next step.

2) While in a sit, lean to one side of the pole. Your body should be tilted enough to the side that your butt cheek is facing towards the mirror/your audience. The further you lean, the more secure your thigh grip on the pole will be. 

3) In this leaning out position, straighten your bottom leg downwards and hook the pole with your knee. For a secure hook, imagine your kneecap pointing downwards facing the floor while you're trying to touch your butt cheek with your toes. 

4) Once you have a stable grip on your knee pit, straighten your top leg. With your palm facing up, grab your leg with your top arm from under your ankle and lift the leg towards the ceiling. Once you are stable, release the other hand, extend the arm and keep it parallel to the ground. 

Contact points: back of knee, both inner thighs, waist


To see how to incorporate the albatross into a pole combo, check out our instagram post!

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we will be posting Valentine's Day related shapes and tricks. Let us know in the comments what kind of pole tricks or combos you hope to see!


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