Getting into the Creeper Split and Melody Shape for Pole

Getting into the Creeper Split and Melody Shape for Pole


Creeper Split 

  1. While in a fast spin, reach over with your inside hand under your outer leg and grab the pole just below your legs. Note that you may need to adjust your legs to make space for your arms depending on your body proportions.
  2. Using your top hand, pull your body forward such that the pole is behind your back and twist your chest to face the ceiling
  3. Press your inner thigh into the pole for added grip
  4. Extend your legs

Melody Variation

**This shape is a variation of the original Melody shape which has one extended leg and only one supported ankle.

  1. While in a sit, use your inside hand and grip the pole above your head in a true grip (thumbs up)
  2. Position your outer ankle against the pole and reach downwards with your outside hand to grab the pole firmly below the ankle in a true grip (thumbs up). For now, you may rest the ankle on your wrist. (If you find it hard to reach downwards below your ankle, lean outwards and lower your torso downwards)
  3.  Thread your other leg through (think of bringing your knee to your chest) and press both ankles backwards against the pole for support and grip. You should not be resting your body weight on your bottom wrist.
  4. Push your pelvis outwards so that your body does not look like it is hanging parallel against the pole but appears to be shaped like a sail
  5. Engage your top and bottom arms in a pulling motion

Interested to see how the tricks can be strung together? Check out the full combo below!

Full Combo

 Things to note in order to achieve this combo:

Creeper Split
  • In order to achieve the optimal position to execute creeper split, you will need to have an understanding of how to get into a fast spin position.
Melody Variation


  • As hip flexibility is needed, warm up your hips prior to attempting this shape. 
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