Eros Pole Trick

How to do the Eros pole shape

The Eros, named after the cheeky and mischievous Greek of love is an advanced pole trick whose shape resembles the downward dive of a flying dove. As an ode to Valentine's Day, we break down this shape and show you how to do it.


To be able to transition into this shape, you will first need to master the Brass Monkey shape before attempting this trick. We recommend to get a trusted spotter to help if you are attempting this shape for the first few times and use a crash mat for safety reasons. Stretch your back thoroughly before attempting this shape as it can be strenuous on your back if you are not ready for it. 


1) Get into the Brass Monkey shape. You can enter the Brass Monkey from the side sit, a shoulder mount or a claw grip invert.

2) Once you are in the Brass Monkey shape, maintaining a firm hook on your knee pit, lower your straight leg towards the floor and arch your back, keeping your waist pressed firmly against the pole. Arching your back helps your body to create a horizontal line perpendicular to the pole that creates more contact from waist to pole. 

3) While keeping your inside hand in a flag grip, push your outer hand firmly against the pole as you shift it upwards. This will help move your body into a more horizontal position. Release the outer hand once you feel stable. 

4) Remember to maintain a horizontal torso alignment perpendicular to the pole and keep your top leg pressing downwards. The more contact your waist has with the pole, the more secure your grip will be

Contact points: back of knee, waist

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