Picking your Pole Bottoms (Men)

Picking your Pole Bottoms (Men)

Did you know that male pole wear style and cuttings typically model after male swimwear and underwear? Often, pole dancers will buy swimwear to double up as polewear as well.

Some reasons include:

  • Accessibility
  • Cost
  • Skintight fit
  • Opaque material
  • Varying coverage to suit various dance styles and comfort level

We will be covering 4 common types commonly worn by male pole dancers, in order of lowest to highest coverage:


  • Aka Speedos (a trademarked brand)
  • Coverage: Ranges from full bum coverage to minimal (i.e. G-string), V cut in front showing off thighs
  • Fit: Fitted
  • Waistband: Mid/Low Waist, elastic waistband
  • Closure: Elastic

One of the least coverage options out there, with a huge variations in cuts and style, allowing you to flaunt as much skin as you are comfortable with. You will probably want to manscape if you choose this option. Allows for maximum freedom of movement for your pole moves. Some pole dancers will wear a low coverage brief underneath their pole shorts for to prevent any unwanted exposure and added support/comfort.


  • Aka Square leg swimsuits
  • Coverage: Full coverage, cuts off at upper thigh
  • Fit: Fitted
  • Waistband: High/Mid/Low Waist, elastic waistband
  • Closure: Drawstring/Elastic

One of the most popular styles being sported, the boxer-brief provides good balance between coverage and skin, allowing you to still utilise body and leg grip, while keeping you more covered and supported. We recommends this option to start with!

Biker Shorts

  • Aka Swim Jammers
  • Coverage: Full coverage, cuts off around mid-thigh or knees
  • Fit: Fitted
  • Waistband: High/Mid/Low Waist, elastic waistband
  • Closure: Elastic

Similar to those seen on swimming and cycling athletes. This full coverage may hinder your leg grip, especially if made using material like Elastane (aka Lycra, Spandex), nylon and polyester. Recommended for beginner classes or classes where skin grip on the legs is not required. E.g. floorwork heavy styles.


  • Coverage: Full coverage, cuts off at mid-thigh/above knee
  • Fit: Loose fit
  • Waistband: Mid/Low Waist, rigid waistband
  • Closure: Button/Drawstring/Elastic/Velcro

One of the highest coverage option available. The main difference between this style and the above-mentioned is the fit. Boardshorts have a loose fit, compared with the rest which usually are skin-tight or body-hugging. We would advise you to stay away from really baggy shorts e.g. basketball shorts. You don’t want any accidents or ouch moments to occur if the fabric gets caught or twisted while dancing! But if a slightly looser fit makes you more comfortable, go for it! Similar advice to “Swim Jammers”, we would recommend you consider this pair if you are just starting out or vibing to non-skin grip type classes!

Suggestions on ensuring a good fit:

  • Check that everything is covered and in place, use a mirror to help you
  • Jog on the spot and walk around, the shorts should not ride up too much
  • Try some stretch poses that you will be doing in class/during practice, make sure you are still well covered
  • Placing a hand against a wall for balance, lift one knee up and draw outward and inward circles. Repeat for the other knee. Your modesty should still be preserved

We hope this short blog entry was helpful for you! If you have suggestions, improvements, or comments, we would love to hear from you!

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