Pole Studios in Singapore

Pole Studios in Singapore

Pole dancing has evolved from its exotic dance roots into a popular form of fitness and expression, and Singapore is no stranger to this growing trend. In fact, the pole community in Singapore is a welcoming and inclusive one, with diverse individuals coming together to celebrate the art of pole dancing. In fact, the telegram group, "Pole Safe Space", consists of over 1200 members! If you're not already inside, ping us and we'll get you acquainted! 

Whether you are a newbie to the community and deciding where to take your first pole dance class, or an old bird looking for a new adventure, we think you will find the following list of pole dance studio locations in Singapore useful:

Overall, Singapore has a thriving pole dance community, with a range of high-quality studios catering to different experience levels and fitness goals. No matter which pole studio you choose to explore, the welcoming community in Singapore is sure to make you feel right at home! 

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