What Pole Heel Height Should You Get?

What Pole Heel Height Should You Get?

Comparing Pole Heel Heights

Buying your first pair of heels for pole classes can be a daunting feat even if you have been poling for awhile. It can also be especially stressful as a good pair of heels are pricier than regular shoes. However, the right pair of heels can last for years and make for a great investment especially if you're expanding your repertoire of pole dance classes. 

Unsure of what heel height to get? Here are some things you can consider before making a purchase!

6 inches

If you're completely new to any kind of heels and feel you need some time to get your bearings and work on your balance, 6" may be a good height to start with! It can potentially be a good training tool for getting used to clean inverts in heels especially if you've just nailed your inverted V trick recently due to how light a 6" pair of heels is. 

 The best part is, you can still get away with wearing them out as fancy dinner shoes under a long gown even when you have outgrown that height for pole. 

7 inches

Many polers start their pole journey immediately with 7" heels especially if they had some prior experience to wearing heels. They may find it more cost saving to start immediately with 7" as they do not feel a need to splash on a 6" pair only to want to buy a 7" pair later on and neglect their old pair of heels. 7" heels also feel less intimidating than 8" heels while still offering the height and leg elongation effect that is desired. You may find that 7" heels may be easier to work with if you're doing mainly aerial tricks on the pole as it feels less bulky overall. 

8 inches

8" heels are the favoured height for polers who are seasoned and used to dancing in heels. 8" heels greatly elongate the legs in a way that is highly flattering and sought after especially in exotic pole. The longer toe box (or the platform of the shoe) help to keep your toes safe when you are pointing your feet while doing slides, kips and other floorwork tricks. They also make for a great visual and auditory treat when the dancer is doing heel clacks in her choreography. Do note that 8" heels can feel very heavy and you will have to work harder to maintain your lines and execute tricks well. 

9 inches and above

9" or even higher heels are not for the weak of heart and are generally only used by professional pole dancers or in photoshoots. You will require proper ankle engagement and familiarity on how to walk properly in heels to ensure you do not fall and sprain your ankle. Certain brands even put out a safety disclaimer on all their heels that are 9" and above. 

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