Classic Knee Pads -  Holy Bunnies
Classic Knee Pads -  Holy Bunnies
Classic Knee Pads -  Holy Bunnies


Classic Knee Pads - Holy Bunnies

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Today traveling is very fashionable. For many people, it is a hobby, leisure activity, and a way to know more about yourself. We also offer you a trip to the magical world of dance with knee pads Holy Bunnies. Comfortable, reliable, and very stylish. Just for your new dance expedition. Such a dance dive is always an adventure that changes and inspires. So don’t be afraid to dance and improvise, because real adventures begin where the comfort zone ends. Ready?


  • QUEEN 3SideProtect technology – thorough protection of your knees from all sides;
  • function “changing pads” gives you a possibility to; create ideal knee pads for your dancing style; prolong term of kneepads usage by changing pillow;
  • Don’t slip, and don’t move around (if the size is right);
  • Adaptive knee-caps take a shape of any knee;
  • Smooth – give possibility to slide easily on the dance floor;
  • Vent hole from the inner side of the knee pad;
  • Cutting takes into account the anatomical features of your knee;
  • Reinforced threads and accessories are firmly sewed to the cloth.