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Lupit Pole

Lupit Pole - Lollipop Lyra

Lupit Pole - Lollipop Lyra

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Note: Lollipop ONLY. Stage sold separately. Item will take ~2 weeks to reach your doorstep via tracked courier. PRICE APPLIES TO ASIA ONLY. Please email us for a quote if your delivery location is elsewhere.

Pole diameter 45mm, Hoop diameter 950 mm. 

Lupit Stage Lollipop is a round apparatus which is mounted on the lower bar of Lupit Stage instead of an extension bar and on which areal and pole artists can perform various acrobatic elements. It can be used static or spinning.


  • Working centred static Load Limit is 1.1KN and the centred statics Breaking Load Limit is 2.5KN. 
  • Dimensions: Inner diameter is 950 mm /37.40 in
  • handle diameter: 30 mm /1.18in
  • Tube thickness: 2.5 mm /0.98 in
  • Material: stainless steel AISI304
  • Distance from stage floor/platform: 1550 mm/ 61.02 in (saddle), 2530 mm /99.60 in (highest point)
  • Mounting point/socket connection matches the standard Lupit Stage External connection of the lower pole
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