X-Stage Lite
X-Stage Lite
X-Stage Lite


X-Stage Lite

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Note: Item will take ~2 weeks to reach your doorstep via tracked courier. PRICE APPLIES TO SINGAPORE ONLY. Please email us for a quote if your delivery location is elsewhere.

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The X-Stage Lite is very stable and has all the same features as the X-Stage Standard except its base frame is only 10.16 cm off the ground increasing the amount of workable pole to 294.64 cm! The X-Stage Lite has carrying cases for the pole, plates, and base frame. The base frame case comes with wheels so transporting your X-Stage has never been easier. For extra stability you can extend the legs and add weight plates to the posts on the frame.

Once assembled, the entire X-Stage Lite unit stands at 304.8 cm.
Additional extensions can be purchased separately for lower ceiling heights.
Simply replace the top B pole with one of the following extensions below:

  • Use 1000mm extension for ceiling heights 266.7 cm – 276.86 cm
  • Use 750mm extension for ceiling heights 241.29 cm – 266.7 cm
  • Use 500mm extension for ceiling heights 215.9 cm – 241.29 cm