Xpole Lollipop Lyra
Xpole Lollipop Lyra


Xpole Lollipop Lyra

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Note: Lollipop Lyra ONLY. Stage sold separately.

Note: If you are located in Singapore, item will take ~2 weeks to reach your doorstep via tracked courier. PRICE APPLIES TO SINGAPORE ONLY. Please email us for a quote and estimated delivery time if your delivery location is elsewhere.

Use Code POLEONESTOP for 10% off your order if you purchase pole accessories e.g. pole extension, crash mats AND/OR pole installation service together with your new pole!

Pole Diameter: 45mm, 40mm

Hoop Diameter: 900mm, 950mm

Black powder coated style.

It comes combined with the x-joint needed to attach it to the A-Pole unit of our 45mm stage poles!

The Lollipop Lyra is compatible only with the 2014 to current model X-Stage Lite and X-Stage Standard. If you do not have a current model stage, you will have to purchase a new-style x-stage A-Pole for your stage to make it compatible with our Lollipop Lyra attachment.

If your stage pole is 40mm, choose 40mm lollipop. 
If your stage pole is 45mm (not including silicone pole), choose 45mm lollipop. But if your stage pole is 45mm silicone pole, need to choose 40mm lollipop.

*Stage pole sold separately*