Pole Installation - Stage Poles

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Pole Installation - Stage Poles

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Note: Please contact us to arrange a date and time for service slot.

Use Code POLEONESTOP for 10% off your order if you purchase pole accessories e.g. pole extension, crash mats AND/OR pole installation service together with your new pole!

Need help setting up your pole safely?

Worry not! We offer polefessional pole installation, so you can pole without worries

Please allocate 1h-1.5h for installation. This service only includes pole and stage assembly. Please enquire if you require Aerial Apparatus to be installed on the stage.

Recommended add-ons:

  • Site Assessment $30++
    • Ceiling height measurement
    • Space suitability
  • Pole Care Kit $10
    • 1x microfibre cloth
    • 1x bottle of ethanol
    • 1x spirit leveler

Service is valid for 3 months from date of purchase, and not transferable to others.

**We expect our crew to work in a safe environment. If anyone present is rude, makes a sexist remark, or otherwise makes our staff feel unsafe or uncomfortable, an asshole surcharge of +100% of initial quote will be levied, payable immediately. Our crew reserves the right to leave for any reason, whether or not work is complete.