Pole Rental - Tension Poles

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Pole Rental - Tension Poles

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Have a party or photoshoot?

Hire a pole for an added flair to your event!

Please indicate in remarks and we will reach out to you:

1. Rental period, including time e.g. 25 June 10am-10pm, 25 June 9am - 27 June 10pm

2. Backup rental date and time in case pole is not available

Service is valid for 3 months from date of purchase, and not transferable to others.

Full Package includes:

  • 2 way Transport
  • Assembly/Disassembly
  • Rental of x1 X-Pole NX18 40mm chrome

Pole Only option:

  • Pickup/drop off Stage pole from HQ
  • Self assembly/disassembly
  • Rental of x1 X-Pole NX18 40mm chrome

NX18 Check List

Pole Case

  • 2x X-joint
  • 1x Pole A
  • 1x Pole B
  • 1x 250mm Extension
  • 1x 125mm Extension
  • 1x Dome Insert
  • Dome
  • 1x Allen key set
  • 1x Spirit Leveler

    Technical Information

    • Total weight: 21kg
    • Minimum ceiling height: 2.25m
    • Maximum ceiling height: 2.74m
    • Minimum floor space required: 1.2m radius

    Damaged/Missing Items

    During handover to you, we will verify that everything is in working order. Please return to us in the same order. Please inform us asap if you notice any damaged or missing items. If noticed after handover back to us, repairs/replacements will be as charged on Xpole website/chargeable by repair vendor.

    Safety note:

      • Do not install on false ceilings
      • Please use the included spirit leveler to ensure that the pole is installed straight


      **We expect our crew to work in a safe environment. If anyone present is rude, makes a sexist remark, or otherwise makes our staff feel unsafe or uncomfortable, an asshole surcharge of +100% of initial quote will be levied, payable immediately. Our crew reserves the right to leave for any reason, whether or not work is complete.