Pole Troubleshoot/Disassembly - Tension Poles

Phoenix Collective SG

Pole Troubleshoot/Disassembly - Tension Poles

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Current pole giving you issues? Or would like to take down a pole?

Worry not! Our polefessional pole can help you out! ❤️

Please allocate 30-45min for disassembly.

Surcharges will apply if additional tools/equipment are required for troubleshooting/disassembly e.g. hack saw

Service is valid for 3 months from date of purchase, and not transferable to others.

**We expect our crew to work in a safe environment. If anyone present is rude, makes a sexist remark, or otherwise makes our staff feel unsafe or uncomfortable, an asshole surcharge of +100% of initial quote will be levied, payable immediately. Our crew reserves the right to leave for any reason, whether or not work is complete.