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Is my home suitable for a pole?

Tired of having to check with multiple studios for available pole practice slots? Want to blast your music to your heart's content but paiseh? Having a pole at home comes with plenty of benefits. You can practice at any time you want, you don't have to lug all your stuff with you, you can even host a pole party with all your friends! So how do you know if your space is suitable for a pole?

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Picking your Pole Bottoms (Men)

Brothers in pole!  We know that picking the most suitable pole wear can be tricky, especially when the market is more limited for you.  We've put together a little post to try and help you! In a nutshell:  Material, where possible, try to look for those with high elastane content (sometimes also known as Lycra or spandex). This will mean that the fabric is more stretchy, and accommodate to the person’s body.For cut, generally, the lesser fabric there is, the tighter it is to ensure a secure fit. (So nothing falls out, haha!)

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Exploring Pole Materials and Finishes

Pole is a sport which requires an acute awareness on physics coupled with sufficient amount of friction from the pole dancer's skin against the pole in order for the pole dancer to grip the pole safely.  As the pole dancing world is populated with a diverse group of dancers with different skin and body types, we explore various pole finishes and explain the pros and cons of using and owning a pole with the various sorts of finishings.

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